Founder’s Humanitarian Bio

In – kind Overview

: His activism – organizing Ma’&9 Mustardseeds Production and opening The House of Mtenzi

: His countless heroic efforts – created Kni-sa’ Unity of Rejected Stones – Designed to change lives of teenagers and the incarcerated

: His Humanitarianism – Produces The Forgotten Souls Festival – feeding and clothing the homeless

: His Vision – a visionary and a CEO Leader – that created The Annual Stone Awards

: His unbreakable Works – Working in the vineyards since the age of eight, awarding Mr. Campbell is more than well deserved.

(Stanley Campbell – Founder/CEO & Nyah Nile – COO/ Event Coordinator ~Holds “The Key to the City of Memphis” & City Council Resolution~)

Humanitarian Biography

AGE 15 – Received scholarship from the Memphis Art Academy now known as Memphis College of Art.

AGE 17 – Started Teen Summit & Retreat with his brother Terry “Ya ya” Campbell – building Better Mind, Heart & Life – started an art workshop at Riverview Elementary School at Longview for two years.

AGE 18 – Organized a loyal, talented, group of volunteers and called it “Creative Alternative Choice.”  Then a vision was born – he realized his full purpose of existing – While the government was cutting back funds for Community Center- starting with Arts, Crafts, and Culture.  The workshop classes were closing throughout the city.  He had to at least provide some source of workshop – He asked the organization to provide it’s program to offset kids fallen through the crack, allowing the drugs, peer pressure, and the streets to debate their lives.  They said yes, and he provided services for four years until the powers that be stopped the program.

1986 – Working at Hardy Shoe Store as a Manager, he purchased marked down shoes and distributed them to kids in an inner city project.

(right side: Stanley Campbell captured in action clothing the less fortunate.)

1987 – Started a non-profit organization called Kai/Sa’- United of Rejected Stone.  Campbell produced summits “Teen Talk,” “Prison Ministry” and “Straight Talk,” along with events such as talent shows & fashion shows to raise money, canned goods & clothing.  He would donate all proceeds and goods to MIFA.

He would also provide entertainment for senior citizen complexes throughout the city and children having a great concern of the overwhelming outcry of the community.  Noticing that the leaders (Ministers, politicians, organization, educator, and the media.) Here in Memphis weren’t answering their call, only their own self prestige platform.  Noticing that no one wasn’t placing accountability and challenge them to step up and help build a better community, he organized a full out panel discussion – Leader accountability forum.  The turnout was huge but only a few leaders moved on their responsibility

1988 – Organized the Ma’ & 9 Mustardseeds Production Co. – representing his mother and siblings.  Since, the community was hurting he took action and created an Awards show that acknowledged local heroes & leaders that are really working their leadership position and placed accountability on the leaders that aren’t.  He called this award ceremony the Stone Awards, inspired by the Bible verse.

1989 – Stanley adopted the name Cam Mtenzi.  That represented his personality and true being.  Cam, meaning power or powerful, and Mtenzi, meaning artist.

(left: Cam Mtenzi performs a magical mime tribute for the late great Dr. E.C. Withers at The 14th Annual Stone Awards ceremony)

1990 – He produced the very first Stone Awards.  It was a powerful movement.

1991 – 1993 – While working at Merry Go Round clothing store in the Southland Mall, the General Manager asked Mr. Campbell to become the main trendsetter, providing role models for teenagers.

(left: Stanley Campbell produces & models in Southland Mall Fundraiser Fashion Show)

1994 – 1996 – While working for Marty’s Clothing Store, Mr. Campbell went through a stage of meditation, fasting for 12 months.

1997 –  Campbell went on a documentary crusade, filming the living conditions of a starving artist and the victims of homelessness.  Then one day he woke up and a change was in his heart to feel, eat, sleep and struggle as a homeless victim.  He experienced the raw deal being homeless.  For seven days and seven nights, he found out it’s another world and another code of living.  It is the underworld that we have forgotten.  Some of them really want to re-establish their sense of self worth.

1997 – Campbell begins an all out campaign – starting the First Forgotten Souls Festival.

1999 – Campbell produces a play written by him and his brother Larry Campbell. Campbell called it “Have Eyes See Not; Have Ears, Hear Not.”  The storyline was “Get it right before the coming of the Lord.”  It was located at the New Daisy Theater.

1998 – 2007- He produced many community plays, speak easy, talent shows, outreach services, and feeding and clothing the homeless every three months.

2000 – Campbell opened up a venue called “It’s My Time Entertainment (H.O.M.).  This venue will provide a stage for local artists to enhance their talent and their craft.

2003 – While working at Marty’s Clothing Store in West Memphis, AR, Stanley was in a life-threatening position again.  A suicidal customer walked in the store and said that he was ready to come and talk to Stanley.  Stanley later talked him out of shooting himself.  They later found out that he was on the run because of shooting and killing his girlfriend.  Staring at the barrel of the man’s gun, Stanley prayed and talked the murderer into turning himself in.  He replied “Cam, you go with me.”  Stanley, while asking God to protect him, granted the man’s request.  The police station was spooked out.  They had been looking for him for three days and there he was, hand-delivered.

2007 – He renamed the location to the House of Mtenzi and made it a non- profit organization.  Mtenzi means “artist” in the language of Swahili, the House of Artist- he called (H.O.M.).  Its purpose of this change was to completely utilize this venue for its full purpose and calling.  Mr. Campbell has overstanding of the feelings of so many under-privileged kids and adults; having no doors opening for him.  He alone had to open them himself.  No handouts, no support.  So he monopolized and combined everything; under one name- the House of Mtenzi.

(left: Former Mayor Myron Lowery awarding Stanley Campbell “The Key to the City”)

2009 – During The 14th Annual Stone Awards at the Pink Palace Museum in Memphis, TN.  Campbell was awarded “The Key to the City” by Pro Tem Mayor Myron Lowery.  Campbell was awarded this prestigious honor because of his exceptional community involvement.

2009 – Campbell launches the city wide campaign “Operation: Warm Up & Cool Down”, which, sparks the interest of many major TV & radio outlets; including Am station WLOK, Les Smith from Fox 13 News WHBQ, Action News Channel 5 WMCTV, Issues of Life Comcast Channel 17 and MCS 88.5 FM.

(Stanley Campbell – Founder/CEO & Nyah Nile – COO/ Event Coordinator ~Holds “The Key to the City of Memphis”~)