The Founder’s Bio


“The On Point Producer”

Bio: Stanley Campbell, originally a Mississippi native, was 1 year old when he and his family moved to Memphis, were he was groomed. His mother would have Stanley and all of her kids to sit in a circle on the floor, while she would educate them all with the word of God. She was supplying them with a strong foundation. His mother Thelma Brownlee was big on a strong foundation and a better community. Stanley Campbell started enjoying the arts at the tender age of three. He always danced and entertained his older brothers and sisters during their frequent house parties. Growing up he watched his oldest brothers being useful in the community.


During the time of protesting against the Vietnam War; supporting the Civil Rights, and the Black Panther movements, his brothers and sisters were deeply involved in those historical moments. Stanley wanted to follow in the footsteps of his brothers (Terry, Jerry, Melvin, and Larry Campbell), he began to dream big. At age 8 he performed professionally at the Martin Luther King Jr. Theatre in Memphis. That’s when he knew that he wanted to dedicate his time making people forget about those times of war and sadness by telling a story within his visual paintings and his dance routines. At 11 years old, he was the first and youngest man to win the Bicentennial Art Contest in 1976. Afterwards, he established his own dance group “The Magnificent Steppers” known for their Theatrical Dance Routine that was unheard of at the time. The Magnificent Steppers won many 1st place trophies and performed in many states including being the first dance group to perform at the “Stone Soul Picnic” in 1978 and 1979- under the management of the legendary promoter and manager, Earl Forrest. Before leaving the Martin Luther King Theatre, he studied the fundamentals of Basic Dance, Creative Dance, Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz and Tap.


This along with his natural talents motivated him to organize. Stanley decided to take his talents and skills and developed a production company that offered solutions, provoked awareness with substance, and meaning for the community. In 1987 at the age of 21, he formed a non-profit organization named Knisa Unity of Rejected Stones (K.U.R.S.), established to give alternative choices for any inner city kids. Using the Visual and Performing arts as an alternative measure for structure, these classes were located in community centers throughout the city of Memphis and West Memphis, AR. The program provided workshop and classes such as arts and craft, dance, newsletters, teen talk sessions, retreats, big brother and big sisters mentoring, Drugs-SAY NO!, and Stop the Violence programs. It provided another outlet through the arts, by teaching young kids about all forms of the arts, and to help teenagers get off the streets by assisting with basic education, teaching job skills, and helping them locate jobs.


In 1990, Stanley created the Stone Awards to honor the most outstanding community leaders and artists that have went far and beyond their title, bringing awareness to the community. The Stone Awards also places accountability on those leaders and artists that have not contributed to the betterment of this city. Later that year, he created a production company called Ma’ & 9 Mustardseeds, named after his mother Thelma “Ma” Hoof and her 9 kids, Stanley being the youngest, aka “9 Mustardseeds”. It was designed to produce plays, movies, community awareness events, and outreach programs.


In 1997, while performing and working on the Stone Awards, he was offered to produce a fashion show for the Southland Mall Holiday season. He has had the pleasure of producing fashion shows for Essence Herbal Rich Tour and Showtime Kids at The Apollo, just to name a few. In 2001 he opened up a non-profit facility to accommodate his visions and production- he named it the House of Mtenzi, formerly known as It’s My Time Entertainment. He is currently the CEO of K.U.R.S., Ma’ & 9 Mustard Seeds productions, President of the House of Mtenzi and the founder of the Stone Awards. He has written, produced, and directed many stage plays and short Indy film; such as- “When a Man is Chosen”, “Have Eyes, See Not”, “Feel the Beat Now Feel the Rhythm”, “Mamma Tears”, “Choices”, “Many Faces of Mtenzi”, “Straubual, Lost in Drugnosis”, “Wild Man John” and many more. Memphis is where he wants to give back to his community and his vision is to give kids and the less fortunate what he has been blessed from God to have… that CHANCE.