The 18th Annual Stone Awards is October 12, 2013!


The 18th Annual Stone Awards is making history, within the last three years, it has received two city resolutions from the Memphis, Tennessee city council, two proclamations from the state of Tennessee, a proclamation from Congressman Steve Cohen, one from current Mayor AC Wharton and State Senator Reginald Tate. In his honor CEO/Founder Stanley Campbell of the Stone Awards was awarded the key to the City of Memphis and West Memphis AR. With the recognition of this accomplishments, he knows that the work of the stone awards and staff must continue. The Stone Awards takes pride in knowing that it is able to feed and clothe over 300 homeless citizens of Memphis with proceeds from fundraisers like the Forgotten Souls Festival. Performing arts events on Thanksgiving and Christmas are the holidays that the Stone Awards uses to get its message out about the importance of support from the community.

The mission of the Stone Awards is to honor outstanding leaders in the community and address accountability to those leaders that are in position to affect change. The House of Mtenzi is founded on the principle of restoring the dignity of the homeless souls in our community, and to see the involvement of all citizens who are privileged enough to make charitable donations or co-sponsor events such as The Forgotten Souls Festival with our organization. We strongly believe that the collective efforts of our community will result in its benefit for the homeless population in Memphis. In 2011 there was a staggering statistic that 1,982 people were homeless in our community! The goal of our organization is to lower that number before it becomes and epidemic. Through our largest fundraiser event the Stone Awards, we are looking to prevent homelessness from getting worse.

The Stone Awards and the House of Mtenzi Museum request your assistance in making the two day “Tale of Two Cities” weekend celebration (October 11-12) at the 18th annual Stone Awards to make it a success in our community. The schedule of events and the corresponding arrangements are as follows:

  • Friday, May 2013 at 1pm Restoring The Arts Concert (phase 1 protocol) & Stage Skit

We request principle Johnson and the Board of Education to allow this concert to be held at Carver High auditorium. The purpose and mission is to rebuild the community structure of Carver High School. Creating a taste of what once was Carver high known as The School of the Arts, there was a time when the best of the best visual and performing artist would travel by walking or by bus to Carver because of its Art Department. The community once was proud. Our slogan in this effort is about “Restoring the Art of Pride”

  • Carver High will be responsible for the sale of admission tickets for this event. All  proceeds will be donated to Carver High Arts Department. 

Styling on the Red Carpert

“Styling on The Red Carpet… Who will be there & what will they be wearing?”

“Stone Your Vote” ®


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